Monday, February 15, 2010

THE WRITER GAMES, Part "8": Aerials

Welcome to the final week of The Writer Games, a.k.a. the Word Olympics. Like the real Olympic Games, this is a two-week contest featuring different events each day and includes medals, interviews and prizes.
Unlike the real Olympic Games, you do not have to barrel down a hundred-foot ramp on two skinny little strips of some composite material and pray you can manage a perfect whirligig miles above solid ground without landing on your head.

This is for those of you who want to keep head and body attached. Who think a little healthy fear is a good thing. Who write about adventure and feel proud of your fictional characters when they squeeze through danger unscathed.

And so, in honor of those incredible athletes we darn-near resemble,
today's event is
Aerials, or Rhymes Revisited.

What if Mother Goose wrote for a Middle Grade, Young Adult or New York Times crowd?
Your challenge today:
Rewrite a nursery rhyme, substituting synonyms for each word.

Here's my try:
American small-time artist journeyed to the city galloping on his young mare. He garnished his millinery with a plume and christened it after curvy pasta.
(hint: it rhymes with "shmankee shnoodle"

And one more, because it was so much fun:
Ahoy lollygaggers redundant!
The felinius violinist!
The Alderney vaulted the lunasphere!
The canine chortled at the variety of games and mirth
and the china eloped with the cutlery.
(hint: rhymes with "shmey, shmiddle shmiddle"

Remember, you have until midnight on Friday, February 19 to enter any of the competitions.
If you're newly on board, check out last week's events for details and join in!


Jan Morrison said...

Leave your abodes to transport yourselves in non-working ways!

Gender specific children, exit your houses to transport yourselves in non-working ways,
The reflective planet of night time is beaming as if it were indeed not the night time but that other time;
Abandon your evening meal, and forgo slumber,
Catch up with your buddies in the boulevard,,
Arrive with a large vocalization, arrive with a shout,
Arrive with positive intentions or for get about it.
Rise up the vertical carpenter's helper and descend the stone facade,
A relatively cheap bit of bun will assist the lot.
Those who are not me should look for dairy products and those that are me will find milled grains,
And together dessert shall be created in thirty minutes.

jesse joshua watson said...

I wonder if number Seven is mysteriously absent for some clever purpose that will become known sometime in the near future or is it like an elevator that skips the 13th floor or is it because I overslept a day? Help me to understand.

And then I will come back and butcher this challenge...
xo- J

Faith Pray said...

Ha! The number that time forgot. I was counting days instead of Events. Oops. Hope you are not too disillusioned to continue. Although The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz was just a little guy behind the curtain, he turned out to be quite a decent fellow.

jesse joshua watson said...

a round, crunchy fruit every diurnal course
forces the physician afar.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Jack be agile,
Jack be hyperactive,
Jack hop over the flashlight.

Julia Kelly said...

Mary, Mary, somewhat self willed,
How does your eco friendly, hydroponic, terrestrial greenhouse grow?
With cucumbers, and cannabis,
And controlled ecological life support systems all in a row

BJW said...

Above limp wettish noodle,
completely blanketed by curdled milk products,
Me misplaced a disadvantaged rounded animal flesh,
As an individual explosively sprayed mucous everywhere.

Faith Pray said...

Jan, I'm stumped, you witty woman!
Can't for the life of me figure out which it is!

amywatson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amywatson said...

There was a female person of advanced age who ingested an arthropod. I'm unsure as to what her motive was for ingesting the arthropod. Perhaps her organs will fail, her heart will stop and she'll cease to exist.

Jan Morrison said...

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
The moon does shine as bright as day,
Leave your supper, and leave your sleep,
And meet your playfellows in the street,
Come with a whoop and come with a call,
Come with a good will or not at all.
Up the ladder and down the wall,
A halfpenny roll will serve us all.
You find milk and I'll find flour,
And we'll have pudding in half an hour.


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