Friday, November 30, 2018

Merry Makers

Meet Bea and Jules. 
They are after-hours friends
who popped up in my night sketches. 
They really want to make Christmas special this year, 
but Bea's mom has a new job
and Jules' gran had surgery, 
so it's up to the kids to get the snowball rolling.
I'm going to follow them around for a few weeks
on a sort of illustrated journey
as they try to bring home 
a little bit of Christmas 
every day until it arrives. 

In other news, I am working devotedly on final sketches for THE STARKEEPER,
my picture book with Random House books
which comes out in 2020.
Here's a peek at my sketch process:
That's not progress. 
That's my new office assistant, Luna, testing paintbrushes.
There we go.
I've been building a village with blocks so I can create my imaginary village
in the book.
I want to know the bones of my world so that they hold together when I change my point of view.
I will share more about the blocks and village and the sketches in awhile.

Meanwhile, I think Bea and Jules will be stopping in again soon
with more and merrier.

Merry! Merry!


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