Sunday, August 13, 2017


I've been so riled up this week, reading headlines of outspoken racism 
and wondering what my place is 
in this world of angry torches and dim fear. 
I've been brooding, thinking, praying, heartbroken, wondering. 

How do we fight hatred?
How do we stand up for what is so clearly wrong?
How do we stand up to corruption in the grand scheme?

This is my small thing - making small art that says:
"Love. Love. Love."

Love does not divide. 
Love does not spit out hatred. 
Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is faithful. 
Love is gracious. 

Love is humble. 
Love doesn't shout, "I'm the best!"
Love gives the best part of the cookie to that hungry kid over there.
Love gives its socks and its coat and its last pennies. 

Love is ancient. 
Love is before and beyond us. 
Love lives on and on with each small gift,
with each humble word,
kind action, 
each forgiveness.

Love. Love. Love. 


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