Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Starstruck, or Quarantine Chic?

I guess you could say we're a little bit star struck over here. 
It might be because my author-illustrator debut THE STARKEEPER 
is almost out into the world, 
and everything is upside down, 
and everybody's stuck at home. 
Or maybe it's just because I love creating and celebrating. 
So, we made star pillows! 
Up-cycled out of what we already had, a velvety shirt, a funky velour,  60s chenille.  
They might look a little bit like starfish, but shh! We won't tell them that. 
They are very proud to be here and keep the books and kitties company. 

We also painted shoes...
with stars, of course!
Viva quarantine creativity! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

3 weeks!

3 weeks until The Starkeeper arrives!
Luna tried to help me make an announcement 
but she got more excited about eating the paper stars. 

A virtual book launch party is in the works, 
so stay tuned! 

Also, if you’ve been hankering to pre-order, hooray and thank you! 

Pre-orders are available through your local indie bookshops, 
or through bookshop.com.
And - even fancier! - you can pre-order signed copies through Liberty Bay Books 
Add a note at check out that you'd like it signed, add specifics if you'd like it personalized.     

Saturday, May 9, 2020

1 Month to Pub Day!

Almost here! 

As much as it is a tricky thing 
to have a book born in the middle of a pandemic 
when we are all stretched thin and gatherings and book conventions are off, 
it also feels very much that THE STARKEEPER is meant to be born in this dark time.

My wish for this book is that it will bring light and hope
and spark more of the same in the readers who meet it. 

June 9, friends! 

Also available for preorder at your local indie booksellers- 

Guess what we did to celebrate?

That's right. 
When your book birthday is a month away, 
it's a great time to paint some shoes
with stars!


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