Friday, February 7, 2020

Monsters vs. pepper

I got to talk with families about monsters last night. 

We built an exquisite community monster and talked about monsters in books. 

How monsters are stand-in for big and scary things in life. 

We asked kids & their grownups:

How do you defeat a monster? 

Their answers:
Do the floss & make everyone laugh.
Be brave.
Stand next to whoever the monster is targeting.
Speak up….

I read tons of monster books for this and noticed that often it’s creativity that beats monsters best.

Like small holes in armor, spears in the eye, or pepper.

So, here’s to the resistance: To courage. To standing with the oppressed. Paying attention. Speaking up. Yes! And...

Here's to creativity! 

To sharing our gifts. our light. our stories. art. music.

Let your creativity give life to others. 

Because …HOPE! 

Spreading hope and love and beauty.
Those things make us stronger and braver and ready to resist fight monsters.

And maybe some pepper and the floss might help, too.


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