Friday, February 5, 2010

Crayons and Word Olympics

Part One: Crayons
My gang was sick yesterday. Since the girls were already hanging out on the couch I brought them their broken crayons and made them peel the skins.
We arranged broken bits in holders and popped them in the oven. Maybe I shouldn't have used a rubber ice cube tray because it melted.

But the melted tray was worth it:
we have happy hearts to give away.

Which brings me to
Part Two : The Writer Games

In celebration of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games, I am going to be hosting The Writer Games, a sort of blogger Word Olympics, if you will.
Just like real Olympics, it will include different competitions and will take place for two weeks. And just like the real Olympics, there will be prizes: I'm talking medals, blog interviews, and a giveaway I know you'll love. (Hint hint: It has to do with craftsy recycling, and may even include melted crayons).

So stay tuned, tell your pals, sharpen your wits, crack your writing knuckles and have standing by. It all starts Monday, February 8.


Jan Morrison said...

Hi Faith!
I'm in, I'm signing up for my country, Canada! I'm ready. I am so un-athletic in every way (although I did do a marathon in dublin the year I was fifty - walking). Just let me know what I'm in for. I'd like to enter the poetry slam, radio play for three voices and my best - personal essays on a topic pulled out of a virtual hat...

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I loved the comment you left on Jan's blog about bringing home the music of the winds, and just had to drop by.
And the first thing I find here is crayons, when I am halfway through a blog post on just that! We were meant to be!

Count me in for your Word Olympics, though it may be hard to send crayon hearts halfway across the world if I win (you can send them to Jan instead)!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Great colors! You "made them peel the skins"? They will have a lot to tell Oprah about their drudgeries growing up. Still, it would be hard to imagine a more cheerful chore.

Faith Pray said...

Yay Jan! I'm glad we'll have a Canadian on board!

Rayna, what a delight to have you! I will look for your crayon post right away.

Richard, yes. Maybe Oprah will pay them big bucks to tell their story and it will have been worth it. Poor, calloused little fingers tearing off crayon skins. Sob.

Lori Van Hoesen said...

I'm in from Michigan!
Just discovered your blog this morning. Good luck with your novel.:)

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