Saturday, January 19, 2019

On perfection

Advice from my incredibly insightful agent Molly O'Neill. 

So, this is how we dance with perfectionism and fear - 
jump in and do the best we can do - 
Because we can only ever be as good 
as we can be in this moment. 
And that is enough.
I'm off for a few weeks to finish my deadline, 
blinders on, hopefully, 
nose to the grindstone, 
remembering not to stick my paintbrush in my coffee cup.

If I can, I'll check in briefly 
about this thrilling picture book process. 
Fingers crossed, etc! : )

Here’s to the best you make today, lovies! 

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Yesterday my magical agent Molly O'Neill sensed I needed this poem by Mary Oliver. 

These words brought so much light and life and breath at a most needed moment - 
and now the day after I only just discovered her writing, she passed away. 

It’s almost as if I received a bit of her before she gathered up her wings and headed home.  

Even more amazing is to think of how words can live far beyond our short flight here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Club for Two

I love my small one.
She sparkles. 
She is bursting with ideas.

When she wants something, she tries to make it for herself:
Cell phone. Laptop. Stilts.

This girl is going places.
And she loves to read!

But she's been struggling in math.
Her teachers decided the best way to help
is to pull her out of Book Club for extra math help.

I know she needs it.
I know it's a good thing, but, oh, the sting!

Friends, have you ever been there?  

Here's our silver lining.

Over the winter break, Birdy picked up her sisters' Wells and Wong book by Robin Stevens
and started reading.

She didn't put it down! She kept telling me,
"Mama, I really like this book." 
"Mama, I love this book!"
So I had an idea.
We're making our own Mom-Daughter Mystery Book Club.
Just us.
And siblings, if they want to.

I bought a stack of Wells and Wong books.

I stocked her with a notebook and sticky notes and question prompts.

Now we can infer and predict and monitor for meaning,

or we can just cuddle up in our pajamas
and read.

Here's to making our own silver linings.

Have you ever done a Parent-Kid Book Club? 

I'd love suggestions!

Our first BOOK CLUB list:

{by Robin Stevens, American editions, illustrated by Elizabeth Baddely}
Murder is Bad Manners
Poison is Not Polite
First Class Murder
Jolly Foul Play
Mistletoe and Murder

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Writers, illustrators, creatives, this is for you: 

Here's to a new year, 
a new page,
a new chapter. 

May you be blessed with bright and deep,
thoughtful and melodic,
magical and compelling.

Here's to all the stories you hold within you,
to all the books you're just about to write, 
the music you're just about to make,
the beauty you are meant to create.

May you have a year of years. 

A cornucopia of creating.

Also, no pressure. 


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