Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bottled Courage

This girl.
this one.

(a.k.a. Kaylen)
has a bone scan and CT tomorrow.

out of sunny skies, we are all stormed over.

They've seen a spot around her femur that is "worrisome."

That's a gentle way of describing what this mama feels.
All my courageous muster has flown out the window.

And Winnie is my most heart-filled wildebeest.
Dreamer, writer, artist, she feels
every nuance in the room.
Like rough swallows
and puffy eyes.

We have no certain news yet, but
some of you have asked how you can help us as we wait
and I have been thinking...

Definitely prayers
and best thoughts
and any bottled courage
you can send our way.

Do they make that?
Bottled courage?

So here's what I'm thinking -  what about sharing your
book recommendations - for an eight year-old adventurer and for me.

words to help us remember 
that there is courage
in love,
in faith,
in hope.

I will post news when we know what there is to know.
Thank you, friends.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Good, good news from the docs.
It's not cancerous.
She's still in for some fun ahead with some sort of procedure,
but we'll take that any day over the big one.
Thank you, thank you all for the love and thoughts
and prayers poured our way this week.
Thank you. 


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