Monday, February 8, 2010

THE WRITER GAMES, Part 1: Opening Ceremony

Welcome to The Winter Word Olympics, a.k.a The Writer Games.
As I mentioned in my last post, I thought it would be good to celebrate the coming winter Olympics in true writer style - with word games!

The Writer Games is a contest that will run from February 8 through February 19. Just like the real Olympics coverage, The Writer Games will focus on a different competition in each post.
You have till February 19 to enter any or all of the events.
Awards will include blog interviews, medals and a giveaway. See my Crayons post.
I will announce the winners on February 22.

The rules are simple: Anyone can play.
Of course, if you follow my blog,
we'll have more fun bantering,
but this is open to all word athletes.

Today's event is OPENING LINES.

Come up with a great opening line that contains the word :

gla⋅cial  /ˈgleɪʃəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [gley-shuhl] –adjective
1. of or pertaining to glaciers or ice sheets.
2. resulting from or associated with the action of ice or glaciers: glacial terrain.
3. characterized by the presence of ice in extensive masses or glaciers.
4. bitterly cold; icy: a glacial winter wind.
5. happening or moving extremely slowly: The work proceeded at a glacial pace.
6. icily unsympathetic or immovable: a glacial stare; glacial indifference.
7. Chemistry. of, pertaining to, or tending to develop into icelike crystals: glacial phosphoric acid.

Here's my Opening Line:
It only took three and a half words to stun the dinner party into glacial silence: "THAT'S DOG FOOD!"


BJW said...

Her glacial response to my embrace left me-hmm, what's the word for it-cold.

Let the games begin.

Jan Morrison said...

He leaned over to ask her to dance, his gaze falling into the glacial depths of her eyes and the words lay frozen on his lips.

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! You can't win your own contest, can you? :)

No entry (yet) but you've got yourself a new follower.

Faith Pray said...

Cory, you're right - I don't think that would go over very well. But, being a word nerd, I want to play too! Glad you're on board for the games!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Her palace was palatial,
His Feng Shui was so spatial,
That when they passed like ships on seas,
They rarely crashed into each other's knees,
Though if they did, it caused some panic,
Not unlike that great galoot of a ship, the Titanic,
Which now that I think of it makes for a sad, sad, facial,
Because it rammed right into a big white glacial.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Ooh, I'll play but I'm going to cheat and do more than one sentence because that's how I roll.

The soup--a red, chunky mass of scary in my bowl--wasn't just cold; it was glacial, and grandma kept looking at me and watching me eat it with her hands all folded up over her heart.

"You like my gazpacho," she said, and at first I thought she was talking about what happens after she drinks her Metamucil, but then I realized that was what the soup Slurpee was called. And I'm pretty sure that was the day I became a man.

Julia Kelly said...

I am waiting for the world to melt,
for the glacial winds to come and blow the snow away, the three feet of hard,crusty, dirty snow covering my garden where a purple crocus is waiting to push it's way through the dirt and remind me we are not living in the next Ice Age, where the world is only colored in shades of grey.

BJW said...

Ba ha ha. Martha B is a twisted genius.

Beautiful writing all.

Faith Pray said...

Ooh, you guys are great! I had no idea "glacial" could be so exciting. Can't wait to see what you do with the next events! Thanks for playing!!

jesse joshua watson said...

Jesse stood in the shadow of the awning, cursing his glacial tardiness and wishing he had not sold his alarm clock for cheap box wine.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Fiona grasped her great aunt's elbow and stepped forward, imagining the king's blue marble floor to be as unstable as a creaking, glacial river.

BJW said...

Don't knock cheap boxed wine bro.


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