Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bea and Jules, Day 5

Day 5: Tree hunt

Gran had a fake tree last year, but Jules is pretty sure a fresh tree will be just what Gran needs to feel better. 
Uncle Moony is not convinced, but Jules is good at arguing. 
They go to a tree farm thirty minutes away. 

What do you think:
Fake or fresh trees? 

Day 5 & 1/2:

On the way home, Jules sees a cloud of birds.
Jules wonders what kinds of holidays birds celebrate. Uncle Moony tells her this bird cloud is made up of starlings, and a group of them is called a murmuration, so Jules makes up a murmuring sort of poem. 

Maybe birds don't have holidays.
Maybe they are always celebrating. 
Jules is pretty sure she would be, if she could fly.

And what do you think Jules’ gran did when they came in with the tree?  

She almost dropped her coffee cup. 
But Jules’ gran is used to the idea now,
and she says it will be perfect. “Perfectly Jules.”


No Two Alike - Keith Baker
Birds of Bethlehem - Tomie DePaola

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