Monday, December 3, 2018

Bea and Jules, Day 2

Day 2:

Day 2: 

Today, Bea and Jules set up their workshops - the safest place to make things and keep them secret. 

What does one need in a workshop? 

Bea can give you a list. 
Her workshop has a calendar, pencils, envelopes, glue, tape, scissors, and everything else that’s on her list. 

Jules doesn't have a list, but her workshop is full. 

Full of glitter, full of paper, full of crayons, old holiday cards, tape, glue, paint, and more glitter.
Jules also stocks her workshop with: stacks of books, mittens, a jingle bell, a plastic spoon, mints from her gran’s purse, and three puzzle pieces that she found in her pocket. And a sock bookmark.

Or maybe that’s just a lost sock.

What do your elves keep in their workshops?


Toot & Puddle, Let it Snow, by Holly Hobbie
Christmas With the Mousekins, by Maggie Smith
The Elves & the Shoemaker, by Jim LaMarche

What are your favorite cozy, crafty, holiday picture books?

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