Tuesday, February 16, 2010

THE WRITER GAMES, Part 8-ish: Curling

Welcome to The Writer Games.
If you're just joining us, The Writer Games is a two-week contest in the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games. Just like the real Olympics, there will be medals, interviews and prizes. Unlike the real Olympics, you do not have to pray that the last donut you ate will mess up your chances of landing that triple lutz.

Today's Event is Curling, or What Can You Do With a Limerick?
I thought about describing a limerick to you here, but when you type it out,
"da da da da da da da DA,
da da da da da da da DA,
da da da da DA, da da da da da DA,
da da da da da da DA DA!"
it looks like a stuttering magician waiting for his wand to work.

Your challenge:
Write a limerick on the subject of winter, sports, or whatever suits your fancy.

You have until Friday at midnight to enter any of The Writer Games events. Check out last week's competitions to join in!
Winners will be announced Monday.

My limerick:
An athlete afflicted with fears
Of crashing too much on his rear
Would do well not to fall
Avoid sports of near all
Of the winter Olympian's gear.


jesse joshua watson said...

The Dilemma of Couples Figure Skating:

A man prancing 'bout in his tights
is not my favorite of sights
but the girl he unfurls
her skirt as it twirls
is enough to give me delights.

Julia Kelly said...

all though Curling is of old
and practice up North were it is cold
I don't understand its apeel
why most Candians look on it with zeal
because for me it has very little hold.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Now curling is something that I think is a flop,
Nudging stones on the ice, why, it ought to be stopped.
Sweep the ice with a broom?
Hey, it's clean you buffoon,
So come back to your senses or else use a mop.

Jan Morrison said...

A Limerick for you Poor Deluded Fools who do not get Curling!

There was a woman who watched curling,
Her heart and libido unfurling,
As men cried hard hurry
The bed sheets a flurry
With activity not knitting or purling!

brian said...

There once was a genius on skates,
Who beautifully cut figure eights,
But his great prideful prance
Did not match his split pants
That he got when he fell on his face.


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