Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Tree

It's raining today.
Tomorrow is Sugar Snack's first birthday
so we made him a present.

Can you tell he loves his birthday banner?

I hung it outside to get a better picture of it.
(yes, in the rain, because it made me happy)

It took me back a (couple) years.
I was living in Russia, returning to my flat after a particularly bleak day. I was twenty-one, scared of being victim to crazy, desperate crimes which I frequently witnessed, homesick for my family and for personal space. My tramvai was stuffed as usual, the babushka I was propped against berated me in angry Russian and kept pushing me as if I had room to move away. I just couldn't take another jab in the ribs. I squeezed myself off the tram at the next stop and began a long walk home. It was so cold. My toes were numb. I was crying, of all things.
And then I saw it.

The Tree was forlorn and wintry, but it was aflutter with white. I came closer. Each branch was tied with hundreds of handkerchiefs.

I don't know what they really meant, but to me, they were hope.

"Leave your baggage and your bad days here, and take up this breeze.
It's much lighter to carry and much easier to hope."
It was one of my sacred moments.


Jen said...

I love it!!! And though Rainy days can sometimes make you feel down, other days they keep you calm and relaxed... which is really nice!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

This is a banner fit for a king. A young, short king, who crawls like williwaw, and stands tall as a Norman surveying his conquest. One whose smile gives the dawn a run for her money, yet this new royal carries in his bones the language of ancient drum lords. Pat, pat, pat, shake, shake, shake, whammo!

brian said...
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BJW said...

Love it. That is probably the perfect present out of all the presents in the world for that sweet bear. Wish I could have been there.

Really cool blog Faithy.

Faith Pray said...

Yes, Jen, if you don't reconcile yourself to rain where I live, you may as well stay indoors!

RJW, thanks for the viking felicitations! My viking prince says to tell you "da" which could be interpreted as the British "ta" for "Thanks awfully much for thinking of me on my birthday."

Brian and clan, Thanks for the awesome words! He says to tell you "da" (interpretation above).

Ben: "da". which could also be some Russian working its way into the vocabulary already...


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