Saturday, January 19, 2019

On perfection

Advice from my incredibly insightful agent Molly O'Neill. 

So, this is how we dance with perfectionism and fear - 
jump in and do the best we can do - 
Because we can only ever be as good 
as we can be in this moment. 
And that is enough.
I'm off for a few weeks to finish my deadline, 
blinders on, hopefully, 
nose to the grindstone, 
remembering not to stick my paintbrush in my coffee cup.

If I can, I'll check in briefly 
about this thrilling picture book process. 
Fingers crossed, etc! : )

Here’s to the best you make today, lovies! 

1 comment:

Jan Morrison said...

Exactly right! Hope your final push is going well. I'm in the midst of a revision, which always turns out to be like other people's first drafts as I write such a big mess to start with - but hey, this is a long game, no? May the flow be with you...


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