Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Book Club for Two

I love my small one.
She sparkles. 
She is bursting with ideas.

When she wants something, she tries to make it for herself:
Cell phone. Laptop. Stilts.

This girl is going places.
And she loves to read!

But she's been struggling in math.
Her teachers decided the best way to help
is to pull her out of Book Club for extra math help.

I know she needs it.
I know it's a good thing, but, oh, the sting!

Friends, have you ever been there?  

Here's our silver lining.

Over the winter break, Birdy picked up her sisters' Wells and Wong book by Robin Stevens
and started reading.

She didn't put it down! She kept telling me,
"Mama, I really like this book." 
"Mama, I love this book!"
So I had an idea.
We're making our own Mom-Daughter Mystery Book Club.
Just us.
And siblings, if they want to.

I bought a stack of Wells and Wong books.

I stocked her with a notebook and sticky notes and question prompts.

Now we can infer and predict and monitor for meaning,

or we can just cuddle up in our pajamas
and read.

Here's to making our own silver linings.

Have you ever done a Parent-Kid Book Club? 

I'd love suggestions!

Our first BOOK CLUB list:

{by Robin Stevens, American editions, illustrated by Elizabeth Baddely}
Murder is Bad Manners
Poison is Not Polite
First Class Murder
Jolly Foul Play
Mistletoe and Murder


Faith E. Hough said...

This is lovely! I homeschool, so my daughter and I do this all the time (or my daughter and her papa!). :) A fun activity can be to learn to write reviews together; it's a fun practice in itself, and often local bookstores like to use reviews by young readers in their stores or advertising--my daughter is thrilled every time she sees one of her reviews as a shelf-talker at our store.
Do you like this series? We haven't read it yet, but those covers are gorgeous! :)

Faith Pray said...

Hi Faith, what a great idea to write reviews. We definitely have to try this! I love this series. The main characters are 13-14 years old, so I think the target audience is older middle grade. There are murders & diverse relationships, but the delivery of content is written like old English cozy mysteries, but with a modern awareness of the struggles people of diverse races and backgrounds dealt with in the 1930's. I love how the covers kind of echo vintage mystery covers.


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