Wednesday, July 31, 2019


We've had a bit of excitement this week.
First of all, the twins and Birdy are all having birthdays.
We are aswirl in cupcakes and magic.
And Birdy has mastered her solo glue gun skills, 
which means she is all set to conquer the world.
Having said that...
Chess pieces! 
But the sweet week is just getting started. 
See what arrived in the mail? 
Meet ONCE UPON A TIMELY, by Lynn Parrish Sutton, 
illustrated by...Faith Pray (!!!),
published by Kane Miller books. 

 What a magical feeling to see all of the art together in a book!

 It feels like an extra-special birthday gift - for all of us.

Especially because my very first illustrated book 
is dedicated to the wildebeests. 

I'm so grateful to them for putting up with my long work hours
and messy house and shoddy meals 
so that I can pursue this dream. 

To Lynn Parrish Sutton, 
Kira Lynn and the team at Kane Miller books,
and to Molly O'Neill and Root Literary,
thank you, 
with all of the adverbs I can muster. 

(The wildebeests made me this sign. Sweeties. I think we're all a bit excited.)  

is being sold here:


Jan Morrison said...

Hurray! What a delicious feeling that must be. And with all your wee elves and fairies to celebrate with.

mommamoocow said...



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