Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Do You Mask Merry?

We like to masquerade in these parts.
Especially when learning our Pacific Northwest animals.
Especially when all fuzzed up about pumpkins and costumes.
I started with a few sketches, 
the kids made their own beautiful batches, 
and Voila!
Wildebeests, unite!

Need a quick costume this week?

I'm offering a few freebies for your personal or classroom use.


  {Please note that these images are my original art.
    They're not to be sold or passed off as anyone else's work.

To use, just drag the image to your desktop,
print on card stock,
color at will!
Crayon, colored pencils or watercolor work just fine.
We also tried gouache and acrylic gel medium, for hoots.

Birdie asked if she could change her name to Owly-Whoo.

When you finish all that lovely color,
cut out and fix for wearing! 

Our salmon puppet has a popsicle stick taped to his back.
Did you know sockeye salmon turn red when they spawn? I did not. 
The wildebeests told me. 
I guess this means they are learning something in the midst 
of my art diversions.
Yarn or ribbon is an easy tie for the masks.
Hey, anything for a party, right?
Anything for a printable, coloring, educational, masquerade party!
That's right. We mask merry around these parts.  

Happy hoots!


S is for Salmon - Hannah Viore
123 Moose! by Art Wolfe, ill. by Andrea Helman
Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray, ill. by Kenard Pak
North - The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration, by Nick Dowson, ill. by Patrick Benson
A House in the Woods by Inga Moore
Leaves  by David Ezra Stein
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, ill. by Jane Chapman
Once Upon a Memory by Nina Laden, ill. by Renata Liwska
Kiss Goodnight by Amy Hest, ill. by Anita Jeram

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd



m. bloom said...


Richard Jesse Watson said...

I would like to wear that bear mask today. I have a class visiting my studio this afternoon. I could be growly. Or I could be aloof and mysterious and tell them I ate the fellow who usually is in the studio because he wouldn't share his blueberries. So many possibilities with masks. I could hybernate behind my mask and no one would object because bears do that. Thank you for sharing your awesome masks.

grammarducky said...

How fun! I'm thinking I'll create a Stellar Jay mask, and join the family of seven who faithfully return to our deck railing each autumn to dine on Hoody's unsalted peanuts. I'll squawk my thanks, and tuck a few into the cedar trees and roof shingles for a midwinter snack!

Dawn Simon said...

Wonderful! Those lucky kids!

LMorris said...

Thanks Faith for sharing these masks. I'll be using them/this idea. FYI- now is a good time to visit the Quilcene Fish Hatchery if you want to learn about coho salmon. They are currently spawning on Tuesdays but with arrangements took my class today on a tour that had nice visuals that helped with kids understanding the process and a demo of them actually showing how they spawn the salmon. We didn't walk out to the river but I have done that before and you can see the salmon pairing up in the river if it hasn't rained recently. The water gets murky with the rain. And we will be having coho eggs this year in a tank in the hall at GS Feb-Mar. and planting the eggs in Piddling Creek in April. Perhaps the twins participated in this in first grade. Thanks again for sharing.

Faith Pray said...

Thanks, friends! I'd love to see your masked creations! So many possibilities with all those animals out there!

Faith Pray said...

LMorris, thank you for the great tips! I think a fish field trip is in order; and a visit to the GS hall this February. The twins well remember their trip to the creek with you and your class. Thank you!

Crystal Collier said...

Wow! What a fun and great idea! If my littles were a little younger, I think I'd be trying this out. =)

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