Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Drafts

Sugar Snack finally made it through an art session
without eating crayons.

His sheer delight at his first masterpiece
reminds me
of how joyful it is to create.

Take a first draft, for example:
it's buoyed with hope,
unencumbered by revision slogging,
a fresh treasure chest of untapped potential.

I often find myself smiling
while scribbling at new sketches
or a new project.

We are made for this,
to leave a sparkling trail of creation behind us,
jewels of ourselves,
beauty for the world.

What accomplishments give you joy?

a beautiful meal, new sketches,
a clever light bulb moment,
seeds planted
... ?


Martha Brockenbrough said...

What a lovely post. :)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a brilliant post, what a lovely kid, and what a wonderful masterpiece.
Kids and their scribbles- can anything be more fun?

Stacy Post said...

So cute! I hope you cherish those moments of joyful creativity, I certainly enjoy seeing it here.

Right now, I'm learning to carve with my father. It is very slow going but I do feel like a kid with crayons. The possibilities are unlimited!

ruthie said...

"Jewels of ourselves", Faith thats so beautiful. To watch the sheer joy a child feels when creating things in their wonderfully uninhibited way is the most inspiring & heart precious thing. I receive the most joy in sharing & creating with folk, best of all my 3 children, be it a meal, a piece of artwork, or painting a wall, planting in th garden, walking along the shore collecting driftwood, its all in the sharing the experiences for me. ps sugar snack sure is a cutie! x x

Kjersten said...

I love these pictures. Thanks for the post.


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