Monday, April 26, 2010

Listening to Doorknobs

Fairy gold.
Do I have my kid eyes on?
Or my "don't-touch-that-I-think-a-dog-may-have-peed-on-it" goggles?

I spent years of my life belly-down in grass, fastening fairy wings and building princess bowers.
When did I become fussed over getting fresh air and exercise
to the detriment of my ethereal soul?
We took a walk the other day which brought me back to my senses a bit.

Here we found a for-certain fairy hollow, complete with moss beds and a tiny shell bowl.

Later the girls found a discarded doorknob
and picked it up.

"Mommy, if you put this to your ear you can hear the ocean."

There you have it.
Bright wonder through the eyes of a four year-old.

Inspiration is waiting.
I just need to fasten on my kid goggles more firmly and look
so that
the doorknob speaks
and the sewer lid becomes
in the sunlight.


Soozi said...

I love seeing your fairy-self rekindled. It was always a delight discovering the enchanting worlds you and Colleen made out of dirt, twigs, leaves, moss, bits of found objects. True fairy castles for fertile imaginations to grow in.

Amy Baskin said...

Thanks for helping me (temporarily) take my pee goggles off this morning, Faith!

ruthie said...

Dont you just love the way a child sees the world, if we all kept a piece of that what a wonderful place it would be. hubby quite often tells me i live in a different world, i think my kids re-taught how to wear my kiddy goggles, and im so glad they did, i love them, and im sure not going to discard them just yet... well never lol ps i dont think i shalllook at doorknobs in the same way ;-)

Stacy Post said...

I love the tiny shell bowl! There is wisdom in a good play day. Thanks for sharing your fairy wings. I might need to borrow them again soon!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Oooh. I'm dazzled!

Faith Pray said...

Soozi, it helps that I had such a creative mom to teach me the ways.

Amy, I'm glad I could help!

Ruthie, your blog takes me back to fairy world on a regular basis.

Stacy, we'll keep a shell bowl handy in case you'd like come for tiny cakes and tea.

Thank you, Martha!


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