Friday, April 9, 2010

Coffee Shop Interview

I'm excited because Rayna Iyer of Coffee Rings Everywhere blog has joined us for treats today, all the way from India. I love that blogging has helped me gain friends across the world!
Our virtual coffee shop is very cozy with all these extra plush seats and steaming drinks. What are you sipping?

Earl Grey tea, with milk, and half a spoon of sugar. I used to be addicted to expresso, but have been advised to give up coffee.
And these brownies are fantastic. Maybe I'll try the lemon tarts next.

Ooh, I'll go for one of the brownies too. Something about virtual brownies that just gives me smiles. No calories, and no migraine tomorrow.
I heard a rumour that you have only missed one day since you began blogging. How long ago did you start?

Two years this July. And in all these months, I have missed only a single day.

Alright, that's downright committed. You need a faithful blogger medal!
So when do you squeeze in this consistent writing time?

Two kids and a full-time job- even if I scheduled a time for writing, I am sure it would get highjacked almost everyday. I write whenever I can. But I make sure I do write a bit every day.

That's beautiful, Rayna. I like your determination. Where do you hunker down to write?

I am lucky. I can write on the computer, and with pen and paper. I can also write in my mind, and transcribe it later.
Most of my writing is done on the local train during my daily commute. And if you have seen pictures of the trains in Bombay, you'll realise it is quite a feat.

Wow, that photo says a lot. You're quite a talented photographer too! What do you love doing?

Too many to list - swapping stories with the kids, reading, writing, running, photography, people watching, .....

..and your least favorite hobbies are?
It would be a toss up between dusting, ironing and cleaning up.

Ah yes, my Archenemies! And they will always be demanding attention too, lurking around and taking time from the fun things.
Do you have writing goals for yourself, or do you just fly where the muse wind takes you?

I try to write 250 words a day, everyday. Many days, all I manage is my blog post, but as long as I am writing, I am not to stressed about what I write.

That's a great way to keep the writing gates open.
What do you love to write about ?

People! I only write about people and what drives them.

People - we are complex, fascinating subjects indeed.
And now that I've heard a bit about your life, I have about fifty more questions! We'll have to pick this up again sometime. Thanks so much for visiting, Rayna!

Photos appear courtesy of Rayna Iyer.
An investment banker in a previous life, Rayna now does non-profit work. She loves reading, writing, running, gardening and photography, but will cheerfully trade it all for a few moments more with her two boys!
She writes because the characters in her head insist that she tell their story. And while she dreams of publication, she knows she will never quit her day job to take up writing full time.


Julia Kelly said...

Thanks for the post-it is amazing how there are more boundaries geographically on blogs!! Great Interview and photos and glad you are enjoying the weekend!!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Yeah! I've learned something about Rayna today.
And I hate dusting, too.

Ann Elle Altman said...

Great interview and wonderful photos. She really delves into the life and culture of India. Some days I feel like I'm there, feeling her angst and heartbreak.


Ellie said...

Great interview and pics; It was revealing and honest!

Watery Tart said...

Faith, I'm so glad you hosted this. Natasha... erm... Rayna... is my Thursday twin and I find her quite inspirational in SO MANY ways. It's funny for a woman in Michigan to have a twin in India, but she and I met and took up conversation, and discovered we see the world quite similarly.

I can credit her with my decision to write my first fully original novel... her suggestion... her encouragement... definitely a woman to have in your corner.

Not enough hours! said...

Thanks for having me over for tea, Faith. I really had fun!!!

Julia, I couldn't agree with you more. There are so many people I've met online with whom I've connected much more than I have with people who I meet in daily life.

Diane, dusting and ironing seem to be pet peeves, no matter where in the world you are located.

Ann, and we keep finding out how similar Mexico and India really are.

Ellie, Faith manages to really draw you out, even if the interview was conducted over FB.

Tami, opposite ends of the world, but born on the same day (when I was born, it was still yesterday for you)!!! And will you ever let me forget that I put you on the road to writing something original. You were doing great stuff, and would have got there a couple of months later, even if I hadn't said anything to you.

Faith Pray said...

Julia, it's incredible to shake hands across the world this way!
Diane, thanks for visiting! Maybe we can start a Down With Dusting anti-fan club.
Ann, I agree. I love that Rayna has the ability to transport us through her pictures and words.
Ellie, I'm glad you found our coffee shop!
Tami, thanks for checking out our interview. I love that she inspired you to write your original novel. What a gift.
Rayna, thank you again! You bring wisdom and depth to the world.


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