Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ivan the Coffee-Drinking-Boot-Wearer

"fools delight in airing their own opinions"
- a proverb

And so, I've started a blog.

We all have words doing dances in our heads. Some of us hope those words will become beautifully-strung pearls, laid out gracefully on the page.

We call ourselves writers.

We have a lot to say, sometimes to a fault.

We ask questions, often aloud.

An example:

"I wonder what that tall man walking into the coffee shop just muttered. What kind of drink do you think he's going to order? Does he love his mother? And why was he wearing boots?" "I think I'm going to call him Ivan."

We get crazy looks.

We have smudgy, inky fingers, or glassy, keyboard eyes.
We carry bent notebooks in our pockets and purses and cars, often unable to find any of them when a great thought comes along. Voila! Coffee-stained napkin doubles as novel fodder.

We have ruined at least four items of clothing or bed linens due to pen leakage.

We find ourselves reciting clever just-coined phrases to an empty room.
We hear voices. Lots of them. We're not nuts, just making lots of notes.

We refer to ourselves as "we".

Oh, wait, that's just me.


jesse joshua watson said...

Best first words in a blog ever. Excited for more.

Faith Pray said...

Thank you, kind soul!!

Erin Lucas said...

I would not give you a strange look for naming a stranger in a coffee shop Ivan. Gosh i miss you!

Faith Pray said...

No, Erin, you would help me name the other folks. Would that be Dierdre standing behind the counter? She is so grumpy today, maybe her Geo ran out of gas and she had to walk the rest of the way to work in her clogs.


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