Friday, January 22, 2010

Empty Novel Syndrome?

So my novel is being sent around to different publishers by my agent, Rubin Pfeffer of East/West Literary Agency. It's a very thrilling thing.

But I'm wondering.

I said "go out and make your way in the world," and my novel is grown and gone. This six-year world is suddenly empty and I find myself curiously lonely and puzzled.

What do I write now?

Surely those of you who have experienced this know just what to do. You had another manuscript on the back burner. You had several. You're working on your tri-quels. But this is all very new to me. Never wrote a long story before. Never thought anyone would want to see it.

I kind of miss my characters, my places, my plot.

Maybe this is what Empty Nest Syndrome feels like.


Jen said...

Well first off congratulations thats an amazing accomplishment! I hope to be there at the end of the year!

I suppose it would feel like empty nest syndrome, your baby that you've been working on is suddenly out of your posession, but only for a bit!

Another book might be in order!!!

Faith Pray said...

Thanks, Jen! Good for you on making a writing goal, and best wishes on getting there!
I think you're right. I need to make a new story baby soon.


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