Thursday, April 6, 2017


It's Spring,
and my creative birds of a feather
flock to Seattle
for the SCBWI Western Washington conference.
It's a bright spot in the middle of the rainy season
as authors, illustrators, publishing gurus, 
and friends alight to sharpen, share, bloom,
and cheer.

I'm thrilled to get to learn from the genius of picture book
duo Sarah Stewart and David Small.
Stewart and Small have created some of my favorite books, including
The Gardener, The Library, and The Quiet Place.

Here's a piece I've been working on for a class I'm taking
with Kristine Brogno, design director at Chronicle Books.

It's a windy whirl of a weekend, with so much wisdom to learn and enjoy.
I'll share some nibbles when I get back.
For now, it's time to gather up my portfolio,

get the lights,
keep my eyes and ears peeled,

 make a wish or two,

and soak it up!


Dawn Simon said...

Enjoy the conference, Faith! Your work is gorgeous! Keep shining!

Alison Ryan said...

Oh I lvoe these Faith!! So Is it David Small that did Imogene's Antlers?? We LOVE that one! I got to read it at Char's library last week and the kids LOVED it.


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