Friday, October 28, 2016

boo !

I'm playing with tiny paper people lately.
It seems easier to figure out than real Halloween costumes.
I keep hoping the wildebeests will agree to dress up like book characters.
Easy characters.
Like Baghead by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
That sounds reasonable, right?
Grocery bag?
A costume that doubles as a trick-or-treat bag!
Okay I'm mostly kidding.
The tiny guys are my way of getting ready for a virtual boo party
with Puddle Jump Collective.
Coming soon!

 Do you have any easy costume ideas to share?

1 comment:

m. bloom said...

We were given a gorgeous cape and also acquired a magician's hat along the way. Add a wand (no shortage of those around here) and my little guy is dressing as a wizard. My older son is a bit too cool these days to really dress up, but he has a black half-mask and a black stocking cap -- viola! a robber costume. I've been informed that wearing my witches hat is tired and cliche and it was determined by Mr. 6 years old that I should dress as a fairy princess. I have a pair of black wings, so I will be a dark fairy...

And what will you and your crew be wearing?


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