Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hearts and Hoots

I know. 
It's been entire lifetimes in elephant years since my last post.
Entire oceans of whales have migrated North and South. 
The ducks are returning to our backyard pond. 
And I have been studying hard 
for an illustration class at UCSD, with art director/genius/professor Joy Chu.
Learning how to find the essence of a story,
learning how to write through art.

After the feathers fly and the dust settles,
I will look for more words to share. 

For now, 
enjoy each new page 
and soar, my friends!


Rebecca Gomez said...

That is adorable! I love the rough, sketchy feel of it. But it's not so rough as to seem prickly. It's more like...fuzzy!

Enjoy your artistic journey!

m. bloom said...

So happy to read your words today and brilliant news! Can't wait to see more of your lovely work as you progress through the course work...

Dawn Simon said...

I love your perspective and words. I'm excited for you, taking such a great class, feeding your art, your storytelling, your creative soul. Go, Faith!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

That owl will take on a life of her own––things to do, places to go,
mice to eat.

Jan Morrison said...

An owl is a good totem for a life long student like you! Brava my dear pal. Xxoo

Vijaya said...

What treasures you will find along the way! She's so pretty!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Your blog is really lovely as is your heart, I'm positive. Your poetry is an inspiration, I truly wish I had found my way here earlier.Your words are uplifting and remind us that every moment is precious. Anyone can see how happy your beautiful children are, they are full of the joy of life! There is NO doubt that YOU are their inspiration.
Sending hugs from England,

Amy Baskin said...

Adorable, Faith! Love your work and musings.


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