Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Snail Mail Author Project

Do you remember when you thought you might be able to fly,
if you just jumped high enough?
Do you remember when anything was possible?

On Monday, I helped at a young writer's conference.
I was surrounded with small writers
belly-full pleased with their writing,

oblivious to that dreaded taskmaster Revision,
unconcerned about snagging a publishing deal,
purely finding joy in their words.

All that youthful buoyancy
made me want to climb out of my writing slump
and grow some wings!

How do we as writers return
to that weightless pleasure in our words

without losing
the wisdom earned
from critiques and rejection slips,
writing groups and how-to books...

How do we find both our feet AND our wings?

As soon as we returned from our very long day,
the girls embarked on a writing project:
to send letters
to 100 authors and illustrators
of some of their favorite books.

Think we can do it?

If you're an author or illustrator friend and a crooked little envelope comes to you,

would you be kind and write back?


We have two hopeful writers, who think anything is possible. 

In Need of Some Snail Mail?

Leave us a comment, and we'll put you on our snail letter list - whether you're published or not.


Happy writing!


A Letter to Amy - Ezra Jack Keats
The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart, ill. by David Small
Toot and Puddle - Holly Hobbie
Click, Clack, Moo! Cows That Type - by Doreen Cronin, ill. by Betsy Lewin
Mailing May, by Michael O. Tunnell, ill. by Ted Rand


Barb Davis-Pyles said...

Funny, I have been wondering a lot lately about whether some of my "anything is possible" dreams are actually impossible. But I keep returning to the thought that "impossible" things happen every single day of the year. So I, for one, plan to keep jumping. I hope you do, too. Because I know we'll have lots to talk about when we're both up there flying around!

M. Bloom said...

You KNOW I'd write back!!! (but will my note be delivered via that special home-grown mailbox (featured here way back when in mid-January)?


Dawn Simon said...

"How do we find both our feet AND our wings?" You nailed it, Faith. Like Barb, I'll keep jumping. :)

LMorris said...

I know many small authors who would love letters from their old friends and would be happy to write back via snail mail. You know where we are. Linda Morris

Vijaya said...

Faith, what a lovely project to do with the children. I shall have to do this too.


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