Sunday, February 10, 2013

Salty Valentines, and Tonsils, Take Two

Here we go again! 
Tomorrow is the big day. 
Tonsils out!
I'm reading about the hero's journey lately -
the road a character takes
to become changed in a story
- a.k.a the story arc. 
Writing and life are so linked, don't you think?

We're all on a journey.
We face monsters, magic, trials, portals every day - they just look a little different in real life.
Tests, school, work, laundry...
Pip's monster this week is tonsils.
We're trying to equip her with happy times,
to sustain her on the road of liquid food and couch time.

So we took her ice skating.

And experimented with pennies.
and made some copper valentines.
Did you know salt and vinegar can make some pretty impressive green crystals?
Then it was time for invisible ink, made of baking soda and water. 
and purple cabbage juice to reveal our secret messages.
Very spy-like. 
To go with the spy theme, I'm making her a book treasure hunt.
Like the book geo-caching we did last year when Winnie said goodbye to her tonsils.
Sticky note clues hidden in favorite books: "The Nutcracker" ill. by Maurice Sendak, "The 5,000 Year-Old Puzzle,"  ill. by Melissa Sweet

And speaking of books,
Margaret Bloom's "Making Peg Dolls" book giveaway is coming to my blog soon!
Stay tuned!

Happy, healthy hearts to you!

Sick days, valentines, and writers' journeys:



Faith E. Hough said...

Aw, I love the book treasure hunt! I hope the surgery goes well and the recovery is easy and full of books. :)

Barb Davis-Pyles said...

Sending lots of hearty thoughts for a speedy recovery! Thanks for the writing book recommendations -- I will definitely check those out!

Stasia said...

What a lovely day, regardless of the "why." Wishing your little one a quick and easy journey through tonsilectomy. And thanks for the lovely pb list!

Kjersten said...

I hope her surgery goes well and everything is fast and smooth in recovery. I also hope Mama hangs in there okay too!

I want to do a book treasure hunt... I LOVE that idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The idea reminds me of a YA love story that has a treasure hunt (of sorts) hidden in books: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares.

Thanks Faith!

Amy Baskin said...

My son had that surgery, too! Hope she's feeling tip top by now. I love your photo essay posts, Faith. Enjoy the lovely winter day.

Faith Pray said...

Faith, thank you! Our recovery is indeed full of good books - Time for another trip to the library!

Faith Pray said...

Thank you, Barb. I look forward to catching up on your blog once we're back to normal. Cheers!

Faith Pray said...

Stasia, thank you. We're doing couch time aplenty over here!

Faith Pray said...

Kjersten, you know! The book treasure hunt is so much fun. They are at the perfect age to appreciate it right now. I will look for Dash and Lily's Book of Dares. It sounds great!

Faith Pray said...

Amy, I hope your boy and his mama survived it well? I'm so glad to see you posting again. I love getting insights from you.


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