Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Type Happy

Ever been to an Art and Craft Fair?
Crocheted dishcloths. Knitted hats. 
Handmade glories.
and art...
It was my first time hawking wares 
in a mixed crowd. 
Sweet folks! 
I even had helpers!
A HUGE thanks to my local friends who came out
to support my brother Jesse, my dad and me!
 Whew! The card sets sold out fast.
I'm considering putting them in the Etsy shop...
because everybody needs "Type Happy"cards, don't they?

And new originals -
they'll be up on Etsy, too.

So, this is why things have been silent 
on the blog front...
oh, yeah, and because of work on 
the new manuscript!

I'll be back soon 
with some of our wintery, holiday projects.
In the meantime, 
Type Happy!

Check out my artist/writer pal Kjersten Anna Hayes's Craft Fair Crash Course here.
Good stuff, Kjersten!

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Faith E. Hough said...

Those are lovely!
I LOVE going to art and craft fairs...but I will say, I feel so terrible for all the artists that I have to pass by since I usually have only a few dollars to spend! Last time I went to one, I told my husband, "I want to be a millionaire just so I can buy something from everyone here!!"

Candilynn Fite said...

I adore craft fairs. And look at you wheeling and dealing your art out there! Way to go, Faith. You must be proud. :) It was good to see you around my parts of the blogosphere recently!

Faith Pray said...

Faith, I'm with you. So many hard-working artists, so little extra pocket money! I loved the kinship they all created together. It was sweet. Thanks for visiting!

Faith Pray said...

Candilynn, I loved seeing your latest posts! Best wishes on the agent hunt!

Barb Davis-Pyles said...

I would LOVE to have a set of those "Type Happy" cards! Yes, I have been to many a craft fair. My teen daughter is a budding artist who sells dragony sculptures that are wickedly fun.


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