Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who's Your Mummy?

Peanut shell sarcopha-guys. 
Yes, I know. 
We're nuts.
I like to think of research as
permission to plunge overboard,
to get lost in your story world
in order to find it.
Some people tape maps to the walls
and wear fuzzy Russian hats.
Others swear by magazine clippings.
Hungarian folk music.
Books on fly fishing.
French chocolate.

We wear pipe cleaner headdresses. 


What's your research quirk? 

Can you tell what we're into these days?
It helps that King Tut's treasure is only a ferry ride away.

We said our howdies to the Pharaohs

and hopped home, hot about Egypt.

I buried old pottery shards for a "Dig."

Kids + Dirt = Heaven!

When I was sixteen, my parents took us to Egypt.

Valley of the Kings, pyramids and the Sphinx
all did their dazzling best. 

And then there was this old dump,
littered with broken scraps.
At the time, mum and dad seemed so very un-cool
sifting through that Egyptian dump,
selecting a few shards to bring home.
But who's my mummy now?
Oh yeah!
There has never been such excitement in our backyard.

My fake gold necklace
came in handy
as the crowning discovery.


Hieroglyphs + Clay  = Name cartouches!


Our wee coffins
are nothing more than
peanut shells, paint, 
and gold pens for a little extra pizazz.

That's it in a nutshell.

So many great books to share with you!

The 5,000-Year-Old Puzzle - Claudia Logan, Melissa Sweet
Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile - Tomie dePaola
The Egyptian Cinderella - Shirley Climo, Ruth Heller
The Secret Room - Uri Shulevitz
Zekmet, the Stone Carver - Mary Stoltz, Deborah Nourse Lattimore
How the Sphinx Got to the Museum - Jessie Hartland
The Three Princes - Eric A. Kimmel, Leonard Everett Fisher
One City, Two Brothers - Chris Smith, Aurelia Fronty
Exodus - Brian Wildsmith
I, Crocodile - Frank Marcellino
The Shipwrecked Sailor - Tamara Bower
The Jewel Fish of Karnak - Graeme Base


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Barb Davis-Pyles said...

Faith, you have some very lucky kiddos -- your projects are the best! Have you considered creating a book of all your crafty kid fun? I would have LOVED to have a book like that when my kids were small.

Faith E. Hough said...

What awesome projects! I am bookmarking this page for when we're studying ancient Egypt!

M. Bloom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Bloom said...

a giggle-inducing post...

Kjersten said...

Oh my gosh this is good timing for us. My son's class is studying ancient Egypt right now (maybe because of the tut exhibit?) and I've been meaning to find some good books to check out for him. Thanks, Faith! I love those peanut mummies!

Jan Morrison said...

I so want to be your kid! I'm going to work on getting this project together for my grand kids. They're a bit older but hey!

Vijaya said...

I've never seen so much fun with peanut shells ...

MollyMom103 said...

So much fun. I love the dig! The gold necklace was an awesome find.


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