Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Wishes

If you had four wishes,
for what
would you

world peace?
fortune and glory?
a book deal?
a nap?
Our wishes arrived
via surprise winged delivery
from the talented Margaret Bloom,
creator of wish baby.

"Whee! Wee wishies!
Pink twins...a blue...a yellow -
that's for each of us!" 

Squeals ensued!
They are SMITTEN!

The genie behind the wish baby magic is
Margaret Bloom - a mother, writer and artist.
Her blog, We Bloom Here is one of my creative haunts. 
From picture book-inspired projects,
to lanterns, fairy gardens, kid play and poetry,
Margaret's original cleverness shines through every post.
M. Bloom is currently knee-deep in a blog-hosted puppet swap, where participants create and exchange sets of homemade puppets based on children's books. 
She is a great candidate for such a swap, with 16 years of puppet building and performance experience under her belt. Wowzie! All that, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology, too!

Thank you, M. Bloom, for our wee wishies!
Sugar Snack keeps cracking up over them.

We have been tucking our new friends into life corners
 to see where they feel at home...
Petal faerie enjoyed my tea...
... and Blue is snug amongst the books.

Houses of popsicle sticks and yarn are pretty cushy

 and Blue and Buttercup revel in a glorious bouquet from my friend Anna's garden...
All in all, it has been a week of happy surprises:

Fresh flowers,
four wee wishes,
and four kids summer-struck
making a wild rumpus...
I guess there's not much else to wish for.

Books with tiny inspiration:

Tom Thumb- Richard Jesse Watson
Thumbeline - Hans Christian Anderson, ill. by Lisbeth Zwerger
The Rainbabies - Laura Kraus Melmed, ill. by Jim LaMarche
The Hinky Pink - Megan McDonald, ill. by Brian Floca
George Shrinks - William Joyce
The Tub People - Pam Conrad, ill. by Richard Egielski
The Borrowers - Mary Norton, ill. by Michael Hague
Secrets from the Dollhouse - Ann Turner, ill. by Paul Colon



Jan Morrison said...

This is most lovely! I will post a photo later of a garden gnomette (yes a female gnome) that my best friend and I found at an antique store for our other friend's birthday. We snuck it into her vast garden and she found it there - ha ha! Like your four wishes I believe she will be travelling.
The Tub People is one of my most favourite books - it has everything - humour, pathos, great adventure and love.

Faith Pray said...

Yay, Jan! I will have a gander at gnomette! Fun! My four wishies and I have been travelling and are home at last. Happy sigh.


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