Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gifts for little bookworms

Upcycled book bags are all the rage in our house,
especially when paired with great books. 

In Pip's bag:
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback 
Fanny by Holly Hobbie

I have so much love for Joseph Had a Little Overcoat 
that I have nothing to say -
other than that it is utterly brilliant and wow-ing in all respects. 

In the spirit of such clever thriftiness,
Pip's owl bag was made from my favorite overalls.
I loved those overalls, but the nineties are over. 

My toothy six year-old will have more fun with them. 
Pip's bag has scrappy, feathered wings that spread out

or button in

with ric-rac and button eyes
and grandpa's old tie for the strap.

Winnie's panda bag
is made from old jeans,
a belt, buttons and more of those lovely scraps
(thank you, Sharon Clark!).

What Winnie found in her bag:
Fanny and Annabelle by Holly Hobbie
Chameleon's Colors by Chisato Tashiro

Holly Hobbie's books are at the top of our list because 

girls who read 
and make their own dolls
and write their own books? 

- well, we can't help liking those kinds of girls around here.

Read on, my friends!
Write happy!
Make things
and have joy!


Vijaya said...

So cute and pretty. I love to recycle old clothes too -- aprons, dolly-blankets, and quilts. I ran out of patience though and instead wrote a story about the quilt instead of making one. It was the first story that was ever accepted.

Happy New Year, Faith.

The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

My gym bag when I was in grade four was a denim bag made by my mom, with a carebear on it. I LOVED that bag!! I love Simms Taback. Is that story about a man who cuts his coat up and makes new things? You must have read "Something From Nothing"? Love that story too; think they're based on the same traditional tale. Love the owl bag!!

Faith Pray said...

Vijaya, I'd love to see your quilt story. What a great first!
I hope your 2012 is overflowing with good things!

Faith Pray said...

Knitty Gritty, a carebear gym bag! That's fabulous! I bet all the other eighties kids drooled over it. And yes, 'Joseph Had a Little Overcoat' is Simms Taback's Caldecott-winning book about repurposing an old overcoat. I'm going to go find 'Something From Nothing' at the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

Kjersten said...

Those bags are SO SO fun! I love them! And both Joseph Had a Little Overcoat and Fanny are two of my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE books. Putting books like those into bags like those makes me smile with all kinds of happy. I haven't read the second two books though... They will definitely be on my list of books to check out! I had no idea there was another Fanny book.

Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks!

barefoot mama said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!!! Really, so, so cute!

Faith Pray said...

Yay, Kjersten! I'm glad you like them, and that we share favorite books!

Barefoot, thank you, and thanks for visiting!

Candy Lynn Fite said...

Oh, my gosh...those are TOO cute!!


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