Friday, May 6, 2011

Get in Touch With Your Feltings

Time to Make Gifts for our Lovelies.
Teacher Clips:

We folded felt over paper clips, added felt shapes, used spots of glue to hold. 

Sewing time: a little whipstitch around the edge 

We have a bloom of flowers and bugs for our favorite kinder-"Gardener"!

Felt Flower Clips and Corsages:

Cut scallops in a strip of felt,
gather and pinch each scallop into a petal
Fasten with a quick tacking stitch or two.
Continue to gather, pinch and stitch remaining petals together.

To make into a hair clip: sew or glue the flower to a clip.

Even Easier Felt Flowers:
Cut a flower or butterfly shape from felt.
Bunch it together in the center. 
Sew the bunchy part with several tacking stitches. 

We layered two flowers,
stitched them to a safety pin

added a button.

A non-wilting corsage!

A great making-things book:

Fanny, by Holly Hobbie

The Frugal Girls


Michèle Griskey said...

These are so adorable! I marvel at how well your daughters can use sewing needles and create small stitches.

Faith Pray said...

Thanks, Michele! Felt and big needles are very forgiving with beginning sewers.

mydolly said...

I like it! Felt is great for crafting, isn't it?


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