Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Serpentine or Elephantine?

are always a little...

Big, big, big.
And lumbering.
They chomp bamboo like toothpicks.
Stomp and shove and shoulder.
Elephants do tricks
and live to a ripe old age.


Bigger than monsters, 
are they afraid of much?
Huge as giants, do they roar?
Elephants trumpet and harrumph into their trunks
But do elephants snore?

in their wrinkled grandeur
make me feel 
small, small, small.


If I were a snake,
I would sob 
into my thin second skin,
"Why don't I have arms?
Or friends?
Legs would be so nice."
"At least I can eat mice."   

How do you move through life? 
or face-first?

For a lovely poem about elephants and other majestic animals, you simply must read A.A.Milne's The Four Friends, (found in the book When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne).

And here's a fun book:
Chameleon's Colors by Chisato Tashiro


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures. Elephants are so family oriented--they're perfect in your depictions.

Faith Pray said...

Thank you, Naimh! On my last zoo visit, I talked with the elephant keeper. He had fascinating tidbits about them. They are amazing creatures!

Jan Morrison said...

These are beyond lovely! When does the book come out? I swept an elephant named Bess when I was 13.
yes, I did. as good as meeting Jimi Hendrix when I was 17.

Faith Pray said...

Oh Jan! You have lived such a rich and exciting life! I want to know more about Bess! Alas, no book yet, but I am still trying! That counts for something, right?

Amy Baskin said...

Your 'trying' counts for a lot, Faith! Love your poems and sketches. (I hope I can be in the line for your first book signing.)

Dawn Simon said...

You are so talented! I always enjoy your blog!

I love elephants. Have you seen the video clip of that elephant that paints elephants? It's amazing.

Have a great week, Faith! :)

jesse joshua watson said...

Damn! Those images are amazing, Faithy! Great work. Some of my favorites ever!

Do more. Illustrate books in that style! Make money licensing that look! Do it! Do it!

your brother

Kjersten said...

I love the elephants especially. And the poem about snakes. More like this!

Anonymous said...

I love your illustrations and the words, and must agree you are very talented. I say I am a head first girl but would like to get my feet moving faster!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Greetings. I am the king of a large country similar to Madagascar. I have caves full of gold doubloons which I will send to you if you do more of this kind of art. Also it appears that you are the only heir to the throne. BTW, the royal elephants are particularly fond of this art and they have caves full of peanuts which they have authorized me to send to you as well.

Faith Pray said...

Amy, thanks for the encouragement!

Dawn, sweet woman! I'm off to find the painting elephant video.

Jesse, nice guy. I sure like having you for a brother.

Kjersten, thank you! Bolstered by the happy encouragement, I will play some more.

Faith Pray said...

Lynn, head-first is courageous! We need more brave writers!

Faith Pray said...

To His Royal Highness the King of Para-Madagascar,
Please send all of it: the peanuts, the gold doubloons, the throne. I think I can say with all assurance that yes, I will accept any and all reasonable offers. More art is forthcoming
With immense and regal gratitude,
Princess Effie


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