Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs In One Basket

Apparently, putting all your eggs in one basket 
is not a good thing.

I may have to take a cooking class. 
This is my not-a-story-arc blog post. 
It's a jumble of different eggs in one big blog basket.

Egg 1:
Homemade boggle for the brainy:
Set a timer for one minute, 
jot down as many words 
as you can compile from the touching letters.

Ding! We can compare our results in the comments.


Egg 2: 
Yummy jelly bean baby. I wish I could fit in that hat. 

Egg 3:
Teething necklace we made last week. 
I found the how-to on the See Kate Sew blog
Made for me to wear and baby to gnaw on, it's been snatched.

Egg 4:
 Coloring Page with "sight words" for the kindergarten crowd:

To print, click the image,
select print from your browser, 
scale it to 150% in a landscape orientation. 

Egg 5:
Good Spring books 
Owen's Marshmallow Chick, by Kevin Henkes
Down in the Woods at Sleepytime, Carole Lexa Shaefer, ill. by Vanessa Cabban
The Lord's Prayer, illustrated by Richard Jesse Watson

The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Inga Moore


Martha Brockenbrough said...

I scored 15 in the homemade boggle (using the second one). Fun! I hope it was OK to go diagonal.

Kate Higgins said...

These are my words, minus a Klingon proper name and French town which I made up, both of which I don't think counts in scoring.
But I can't remember how to score boggle anyway:)
PS: my egg timer has a very loud ring...

Kate Higgins said...

Oops forgot to leave my words....
Number 1: Pest, try, trim, rim, dry, smile, mile, hides, hides, slim, vest, dime, dimes, dirt, hide, hides, slim, slime, stride, ride, rides

And #2: sin, evil, lien, rice, ice, stow, lice, slice, tow, lot, lots, slot, vice, nice, slow, low, log, line

Faith Pray said...

Nice work, ladies! Going diagonal is definitely okay.

my #1: sty, rest, (stride), dry, (dirt), dirty, (dime), (dimes), slide, slides, slid, (dry), (slim), (slime), limes, lime, dim, dire, rile, (mile), miles, mild, milds, hire, hired
[my #2 - truly a dim effort] bin, lie, line, sow, (sin), (slow), (tow), tows, (low), lows, (stow)

Thanks for playing with me!

MollyMom103 said...

Hi folks:

I got: hired hires hire, pest, dry, melds, meld, mire, mild, mired, rest, slides, slide, lid, lids, stride, ride.

I didn't try number 2. I didn't go diagonal. My head does not think that way.

Kjersten said...

I got 10 with the first and 12 with the second. Similar words as everyone elses. Fun!


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