Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Scrawly Messes, or Wasn't I Supposed to Be Writing?

"Messes are the artist's true friend" - Anne Lamott

I found new kid play 
to keep the little guys busy during writing time:  

homemade coloring pages, paper dolls and fairy forms.
Good practice for my scribbles. 

Paper dolls taped to the window
found a perfect light table.
A second sheet taped on top
made it easy to draw paper clothes.

As usual, I got totally into it: 
"Here guys! Let's collage their clothes."

We achieved a colossal mess, and found many paper friends.

Wasn't I supposed to be doing something?
Oh yes, writing. Hmmm. 

Well, if I can't confess to brilliant writing work today, at least I can share some 
Anne Lamott for perspective:

"Go ahead and make big scrawls and mistakes. 
Use up lots of paper. Perfectionism is a mean, 
frozen form of idealism, 
while messes are the artist's true friend. 
What people somehow forgot to mention when we 
were children was that we need to make messes in order 
to find out who we are and why we are here - and, 
by extension, what we're supposed to be writing."


Julia Kelly said...

You did other brilliant things today- and more important!

Anonymous said...

What fun to stumble upon your blog today. Hooray for creative messes!

Jan Morrison said...

you are the heart of creativity!
I have an award for you - if you have it or are tired of the obligation of awards then do ignore it - otherwise you are most welcome to it.
I came across your most beeeeyooootiful hearts today - the ones you made me of old maps. ah...

Faith Pray said...

Julia, thanks for the good reminder. Productive art and writing will still be do-able when they are bigger, right?

Helen, I'm glad you stopped by. Congrats on your novel FLYAWAY!

Jan, thank you! I will try to play the award game. Hearts to you!

Anonymous said...

great play idea and beautiful pictures, I would love to make some myself, and wonderful quote, a timely reminder for me of the creativity to be found in chaos!

Dawn Simon said...

You are so fun! I'm sure the kids (and you) had a blast! :) I love the Anne Lamott quote--she's brilliant.

Kjersten said...

Oh my gosh, this so makes me want to go make some paper dolls! Hooray for messes! Sometimes the most brilliant stuff comes of them anyway.

Faith Pray said...

Niamh, I hope you do make some fun creative chaos!

Dawn, thanks for the nice words! Anne is brilliant. I'd love to have a pinkie finger of her wit.

Kjersten, I thought of you when we were playing. You would do magic with these!


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