Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts and Scribbles

I've been having way too much fun
with the girls' school valentine obligations.

We "mod podge"-d teeny fabric scraps onto card stock,
then cut the hardened paper into hearts.

Rather than do the candy thing, 
I made up some coloring packets
for their school pals.

I am so glad for my Christmas present - Faber Castell Pitt pens.
They have such a smooth and flow-y line, and are so much 
more convenient to use around the house than my beloved pen nibs and inkwell. 
Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Claus!


amywatson said...

Two posts! One day! Woah, how are we are so lucky?! And, as usual I am thoroughly impressed by your clever, creative compulsions, as you call them.

Jessica Evans said...

Faith - that really takes me back! Mom and Jeni and I used to cut hearts out of poster-board and cover them with pretty pink and red and white fabrics, hot gluing the edges around the backs. We'd decorate with ribbons and beads and write a "love note" on the back. These days, the boys and I use up all of the scrap-booking materials I like to buy and never use for their original purpose, making many layered paper valentines, stamped in multi-colored messages of friendship for all of their classmates. Theirs are usually the only handmade valentines, and always elicit the most interest. I really love your mod-podge idea, though, and hope you won't mind if I use it sometime soon!

Faith Pray said...

Amy, it only works like this on special days when I have lovely helpers!
Jessica, it sounds like your boys are being served their art vitamins in healthy doses. Or, as I like to see it, art projects equal love. Mod-podge to your heart's content!

Amy Baskin said...

Love your crafty spin on Valentine's gifts! You're an uber-mom, Faith.

Mariah said...

You made me wish I hadn't given in to the easy route of premade valentines and red heart suckers! Next year perhaps. As always, I LOVE your beautiful creations.

Stacy Post said...

Faith, your blog is always a source of creative inspiration! I love seeing what you're up to. If only I had one iota of your crazy crafting skills! Thanks for dropping by the blog.


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