Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Rave

Four children's books to gush over!

We found Augustus and His Smile at the Library. 
Catherine Rayner  delivers words and pictures with finesse, striking design and line quality. I am in love! I practically left the house without my socks to buy my own copy. Well, let's be honest. I had socks on, but no shoes, and I did buy my own copy. Is there a rule against British-made books winning Caldecott awards, (because this one surely should have been in the line up)?

Three roars for Augustus and His Smile!

We found this on the same Library trip.

Who knew Pssst! by Adam Rex  would be such a hit with the 5 and 2 year-old crowd? I have been asked to read this multiple times a day for four weeks straight. And I'm not complaining. It's clever, funny, and the art is intriguing, with full color only in the spots of focus.  We had to buy a copy of this one, too. 

Hope for Haiti by Jesse Joshua Watson (my brother) is both gorgeous, and does something good. I love recommending this one, because money from each book purchase goes to relief efforts in Haiti. Plus, if you visit We Give Books and read this book online, Pearson foundation will give a copy of the book to kids in need. Isn't that awesome? 

Jesse has traveled to Haiti to get a better idea of what kind of relief efforts are being done, and to see what he can do to help. You can read more about it at his Hope for Haiti blog.

Here is one more beauty for you, newly released: 
The Lord's Prayer, illustrated by Richard Jesse Watson (my dad), 
with commentary by Rick Warren. 

See the endsheets? I love them. 

And I might be a little biased about this one - 
my girls modeling "forgive us our trespasses."

Throughout the book are glorious examples of contrast and light. 

What I love about this book is that it illuminates ancient words in a way that is fresh and deep. 

Reading the words and getting lost in the pictures is a meditation in itself. 
Richard writes about his illustration journey here.

What are your favorite children's books?


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

What gorgeous books! Those illustrations from Augustus and his Smile are practically transcendent.

Faith Pray said...

Tricia, that's a great word for them! I want to slather my walls with them.

amywatson said...

Those are all such fabulous books. When I go to the library each week it really is more for me than for the wee one. When you find a clever story with gorgeous art it is such a (rare) treat!
And the art in Augustus actually reminds me of some of your fabulous art, Faith.

Stacy Post said...

I'm definitely going to check out these titles when I get to work again. I love a great picture book! Thank you for sharing!!


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