Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Crimes and Free Gorillas

 I went to jail last night.

The warden's words:
"It's a book crime. 
Didn't you read the fine print 
when you signed up for your library card?
Accumulate too many overdue books, 
we lock you up." 

I woke up feverish, 
confessed all to my amused hubby, 
who reassured me it was all a dream, 
and the police have more important things 
to worry about than avid readers.  

It must have been my subconscious brewing. 
I've been dealing with escaped zoo animals lately. 
These are my Goodnight Gorilla Nesting Puppets.
Our nesting dolls were such a hit 
that I tried some for the birthday boy 
based on one of his top books:
Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

I sketched some simple animals inspired from the book, 
trying for an arched stacking shape.

The bases are of sturdy felt.

Fabric scraps are cut to mimic the sketches:
(a soft gray flannel face for gorilla, 
patterned triangular pieces for armadillo's armor, 
green grass to contrast elephant's limbs).  

I top-stitched the big pieces, added touches
(fringed scraps for giraffe's and lion's mane and tail,
flannel patches for giraffe, mouse's stickie-outie ears, hyena's spotty pattern)

and embroidered faces.

Then, with right sides facing each other, tails and ears tucked in,
I sewed them together, turned them right side out
and pop! 
Standing, stacking puppets. 

My mom suggested I tie the banana to the mouse. 

The result? A slew of escaped zoo animals that stack from small to big.

My little gorilla is thrilled.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You are so creative! And a mighty fine mom and poet, too. I'm all smiles.

amywatson said...

Having seen these in the felt, so to speak, I can say they are truly amazing!

MollyMom103 said...

So much fun. I loved the crafty days with kids. This makes me want to drag out the sewing machine.

brian said...

Nice idea, Faith! I notice that you even made the all-important banana. A fine detail. We read our copy of Goodnight Gorilla to death and had to recycle it out.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What creativity. How you manage all this with four kids is beyond me.
I am inspired, but know I will do nothing about it.

Jasie VanGesen said...

These are adorable!

Faith Pray said...

Thank you, Tricia, Jasie and Amy!

Molly, having followed your blog for awhile now, I can only imagine the fun cleverness you have shared with your kids!

Brian, the banana is essential. I considered the balloon, too, but I ran out of time. Our first copy of "Goodnight Gorilla" is beyond help, missing half it's board pages, edges gnawed off, but wholly loved.

Rayna, you surely are one to talk! You have figured out how to raise kids, work and write on a daily basis!

Alicia Wikstrom said...

Wow, I love your creativity! I had to pin this to my storyhour board on pinterest. I hope you don't hate that.


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