Monday, November 8, 2010

Word Therapy for Time-Crunched Writers

If writing life is a garden, mine is in winter.
I love this glorious season;
but with twins in kindergarten, a babe in arms
and a toddler in everything else
- including water and bags of pancake mix simultaneously -
available writing hours are slim to none.

Why fight it?
I'm a writer; I don't want to be a frustrated writer,
so I'm turning my daily adventures into word therapy.

It's a lot like writing, only without the pen or computer.
Some might call it "thinking,"
only it's more purposeful than that.

How do you feed your hungry inner writer and artist?


Read to kids, read to your partner, read to yourself. Reading is research.
Compare books, outline favorite plots, take notes on what works and doesn't work.

Play word games.
Play with rhyme, rhythm, pacing, pig latin, word patterns, alliterations, Cockney rhyming slang.

Observe. Question. Listen.
Be Sherlock Holmes, focusing on minute details in speech, expression, landscape, emotion.

Play- at kid level.

Celebrate word and art in the commonplace.
This one is so fun for me that I'll visit it in later posts.

Box City

Box Castle

Here's to getting our brain-dirt nice and loamy so that when we plunk down our story seeds, they'll shoot up into brilliant oaks of word!


Jan Morrison said...

Faith - my heart gave a little bounce to see you had a post up! This is wonderful and I'm envious of the time you are spending with your babies. It is precious time and you're doing it just so right. Plus I want to make box castles...

Here - I have a few words for you to contemplate:


There you go!

MollyMom103 said...

Love the box houses. Are you trying attract gnomes? We used to build gnome homes.

Love the box castle.


Julia Kelly said...

And bask- in the thrill of your new baby- your toddlers discoveries and your kindergarteners new freedom- observer and give yourself a break- you got plenty of time to put the memories down on paper later!!

ruthie said...

Hey Faith, its great to hear from u busy mama again. I love the word therapy ethos, sounds fab. Time passes so quicly and here you are right in the midst, the very best place to stock up your cupboards for future use x x ruthie

Faith Pray said...

Jan, thank you for the wordstring! I'm working on a deliciously languid composition for you!

Molly, tell me more about how to invite the gnomes! I'd be happy with house-elves...

Julia and Ruthie, thank you for the reminders to bask in the moment and stock the cupboards for future writing use!


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