Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Party

We had a party this week to celebrate words and reading.

Sugar Snack helped me get ready while the girls were at school.
Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies cut into "sight words" = Yum!
He can't read yet, but he knows tasty cookies.

I drew pictures of things we'd have at a party,
labeled them along with some random descriptive words,
cut them out
and put them on the table in a big bowl.

We took turns choosing from the bowl and sounding out words.

Once read, we decided where our words belonged:
food and party fare ("cup", "cookie," "bread")
decorated our plates,
descriptive words like "red" and "shiny"
fancied up our paper crowns
and a few unwanted words like "grouchy" and "tired"
ended up on noses and chairs.

After a delightful afternoon filled
with games, tea and word cookies,
the verdict was in:

"This was the best day ever! Can we have a word party every day?"


MollyMom103 said...

I love word parties. I wish I could have brought "amazing", "fluffy", and "jubilee". I really wish I could have brough "whoop." I also wish I could have brought pumpkin tarts.

Loved the post! :)

Faith Pray said...

You would have made our party spectacular, especially bringing "fluffy" and "whoop" along! (and pumpkin tarts - hello!)

jesse joshua watson said...

Best sister EVER!

ruthie said...

That looks as though it went down so well, in every sense. I love the word party! There is never any reason why learning should not be fun is there. i want a go ;-) x x


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