Monday, May 10, 2010

The Smalls

In my daily writing quest,
nap time glows with promise.
It's a quiet blip in a long day of frazzle.
There aren't many quiet blips in my day,
so I try to collect them as carefully as eggs
and use them with frugal sense.
Imagine my crushing disappointment then
to find my two oldest cherubs suddenly done with naps.
In the desperate search for quiet activities that do not involve
tattoos, furniture rearrangement, knives or permanent markers,
I found a book that turns into a dollhouse.
As it lacked people, we spent some happy time inventing the Small family.
Millie Small and her brood of seven children:
Ellie, Ruthie, Kip, James, June, Dahlia and Ivy
live in a shoe.
Millie barely has time to shower once a week,
change diapers and slop porridge on the table.
More on the curious absence of Mr. Small
and Millie's many admirers
another time.
Hurray for the Smalls
quiet time!


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Excellent!!! I need a book like that. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

This sounds like quite a fun book!!!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

I love it! We never have quiet time here, though. It's always loud time. :-)

Jan Morrison said...

oh all of this sounds so heavenly. I need a book like that for my grandkids - where did you get it? and I LOVE the Smalls. they are perfect.

Amy Baskin said...

Faith, please write that book down and share it with us!

Faith Pray said...

Alright, my friends, here is the title of that dollhouse book: "Let's Pretend; Rose's Doll House" put out by Priddy Books. We found it at the Goodwill.
Our dollhouse was lacking the doll part, so the Small family is purely a Faith Pray invention, sparked out of my "Story A Day" regimen. Many Small adventures will follow.
Including Millie's small problem: Mr. Small.

Martha, you have such poise and cleverness. Is volume the secret to writerly bliss?

Stacy Post said...

What a happy looking bunch! Sometimes, it is good to play, no? The imagination takes off wondering just what is up with Mr. Small? :)


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