Saturday, June 18, 2011

School is out!


Kindergarten's conquered!

This may not be my most prolific writing or blogging season

but as seasons go, 
it is beautiful, bright,

In September, the girls will be off to school all day.
I can burrow away at my manuscripts then.

But today?
Time to soak up the chaos, sandy feet, extra laundry and dirt,
children, changing even as I blink. 

Time to monkey around in trees!

Time to hang onto our loved ones

and kiss them up while we can!


Paula said...

So true!! Mine are 10 and 12, but were 5 and 7 yesterday.


Stacy Post said...

Enjoy the free time! YAY! It goes by so quickly...

brian said...

Make sure to come over with Sugar Snack to play with the boys more often, Faith. Your visits are always a blessing to my wife and boys. Oh, and now that school is out....time to start The Hunger Games!

Dawn Simon said...

Aw, so sweet! It's crazy how fast they grow. Yes, kiss them while you can! :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are exactly how I feel--from the teacher side. I am so looking forward to researching and finding new materials for my K-5s for next year. It's going to be a great summmer!

Faith Pray said...

Paula, thanks for stopping in! Happy sunshine to you!

Stacy, I'm astounded at how the days fly by! Good luck on your submissions and happy summer!

Brian, you have a deal. I will play with the boys, and read the Suzanne Collins books with great anticipation!

Dawn, thank you! I'd like to attain to your standard - enjoying my own kids when they reach the roller coaster years! (not only enjoying them, but making duct tape clothes with them!)

Niamh, happy summer! I hope it's restful and rejuvenating!

Words A Day said...

- my kids are finished school on thursday & your post makes me impatient for that day:)
There will be less writing done in my house but more fun too, & more laundry:)
(Beautiful photos of your lovely children)

Kjersten said...

These pictures make me so happy! A nice reminder to have fun with my little one.

Anonymous said...

i'm w Kjersten. romping times

ruthie said...

Precious time, enjoy, it passes in the wink of an eye. x


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