Friday, April 29, 2011

Chivalry, Castles and Cardboard

Because it's raining,
Because boxes mean all kinds of good fun,
Because a boy needs a good medieval train station.

It all began 
with a bored train track,
pining for something grander. 

I rescued a box from the recycling pile
and cut it into two panels with squiggy castle tops.

One panel has a slit going halfway down the middle,
the other has a slit going halfway up.

After cutting arches for the tunnel,
I niched the walls together.

Hurray! Huzzah! A tunnel!  
My small knight roared with delight.

And because everybody likes to color,
I drew some castle walls and taped them on top.

The idea is that they will be so busy playing
and coloring the castle tunnel
they won't even notice I've spent hours revising my novel.

But here's the problem...

I have a new idea for a cardboard garage.

I'll get back to you on that novel rewrite.

And lest you think that knights are limited to trousers:

... And did I remember that today was Prince William's Wedding? Oops. 
Happy Royal Marriage Day!

Great books about boxes, trains, castles and knights:

Not a Box,  Antoinette Portis
Train to Somewhere,  Eve Bunting, ill Ronald Himler
Mailing May, Michael O. Tunnell, ill by Ted Rand
The Princess Knight, by Cornelia Funke, ill. by Kerstin Meyer
The Orphelines in the Enchanted Castle, Natalie Savage Carlson, ill. Adriana Saviozzi
Tom Thumb, Richard Jesse Watson

And speaking of picture books...

The Frugal Girls


Jan Morrison said...

oh I love this and my grandkids are coming for a long overdue visit tonight! Maybe....
the books look good too.

Dawn Simon said...

Love it! You are such a fun mom! I bet your manuscripts are great--I always enjoy your posts. :)

Faith Pray said...

Jan, your grands must have a hoopla! Chickens, Accordian, Creative Genius, and You! I hope it was a delightful visit!

Dawn, thanks, but I think the mom who made a duct tape dress with her daughter wins out! That was truly amazing!


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