Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Rave: On the Map.

from The Hinky Pink, illustrated by Brian Floca

I can just hear your whoops of delight at my latest finds.

The first treasure:
Adele and Simon by Barbara McClintock

There are so many reasons to love Barbara McClintock's illustrations in this hide and seek book. 
It's about a forgetful boy and his exasperated sister who journey through the streets of Paris. 
We get to see essential sights of Paris in such an old Masters, classic way.

Barbara McClintock

I love the muted colors, the spirit, the intricate details that pull the reader into the book. 
My tiny sample clippings don't even do it justice. 
This is a drool-worthy book.
Barbara McClintock

The general publishing world must agree, as Barbara McClintock's done a second Adele and Simon book, Adele and Simon in America, and is working on a third, Adele and Simon in China.
Here is my second treasure:
Brian Floca

The Hinky Pink, written by Megan McDonald (author of Judy Moody and Stink books), 
and illustrated by Brian Floca (of the Poppy series).

This story is spunky and clever, a fairytale with the right amount of twist. 
The illustrations are light, lovely, and playful, and they capture Italy in such a charming way that I  want to live there in Brian Floca's illustrations. I really do.  
The words and pictures are perfect.
I love this book. 

Brian Floca

It's all in the packaging, you see.
It's why I need just the right mug to hold my coffee.
Styrofoam cup coffee tastes weak and gristy.
Gristy (that's coffee gristle, the kind you wish you hadn't swallowed. or chewed.)
Brian Floca

I'm a sucker for a well-packaged book. 

When choosing library books for the kids, 
I hunt for nice design, clever art, 
restrained word count, and uniqueness. 

As a writer, books are not just my reading pleasure, 
they are a responsibility. 
I need to trumpet 
great authors and illustrators
so their books can be discovered and loved. 

What induces you to choose a book?

Is it the cover?
the reviews?
the jacket flap?
the illustrations?

Here is one more golden find:

This insanely clever Peter and the Wolf paper puppet show, offered as a download
by illustrator Sarah Jane Wright:

 Sarah Jane Wright

Thank you, Sarah Jane Wright, Barbara McClintock, Megan McDonald and Brian Floca!
Gorgeous work!


Jan Morrison said...

These are LOVELY and I think I'll get the first one about Paris for my grandkids - I work above a children's bookstore. How dangerous is that?
by the by dear person...I just re-hung the lovely map hearts you sent me lo those many years ago!
They're back hanging in my old office, where I am hanging about too...(my home office not the one above a book store!)
Jan Morrison

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

What treasures! I'm in love with the art even from here. The map of Florence is just how I like to picture that wonderful city and so are the other drawings of Italy and Paris. And I love the puppet theater's feeling of stepping into the tale. I feel transported by all this art. Thank you.

As for how I pick books, it varies, but sometimes it is the art. I certainly did pick picture books for my daughter based on wondrous art, but I also bought Laini Taylor's Lips Touch in part for Jim DiBartolo's fabulous drawings. (I already loved Laini's storytelling from her fairy books)

Faith Pray said...

I can't imagine working above a children's bookstore. I would be sorely tempted every day!
I'm so glad I have you in my blog life, Jan! I'm happy the hearts still bring you delight.

Tricia, I agree with you about Jim DiBartolo's art. It draws you in, doesn't it? Have you heard about Laini's new book, "Daughter of Smoke and Bone"? It sounds exciting!


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