Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Drops and Quiet Gifts

Water and Pub, (c) Faith Pray 2011
india ink and watercolor

I had two plans to get myself to the SCBWI Western Washington Spring Conference next week.

Plan A: Get a contract. 

(Ahem. Still working on Plan A.)
Sweet Laurette's, (c) Faith Pray 2011
india ink
Plan B: 
  1. Do a bundle of new artwork
  2. Frame it
  3. Open a Gallery on Etsy
  4. Find a local place to hang my art
Port Townsend Brewery, (c) Faith Pray 2011
watercolor on Russian "bumaga"
 (Ahem again.)
Instead of art, I hung my head.
I was nowhere near my goal
and about to lose my spot
in the writing getaway,
when my brother Jesse
who is speaking at the conference, 
found out 
and offered his honorarium in trade. 
My Town, (c) Faith Pray 2011
india ink
Quiet gifts like this
are huge, and a little hard to swallow.
Thank you, amazing brother.

The Post , (c) Faith Pray 2011
india ink
In the meantime,
I finally got the art framed.
My etsy shop is up and running.

Lighthouse Rocks, (c) Faith Pray 2011
india ink

Tra la! Tra lay! Happy day!
My art is framed, I have a shop, and
the writing conference is this weekend!
I'm so excited!

Here's another type of Quiet Gift:

I've only just heard about this.
It's a campaign to encourage teens to read, involving
surreptitious book gifts and public places.
Firstly, I love the word surreptitious.
More importantly, I love teens reading!
Check out the Readergirlz post to find out more!


Jan Morrison said...

That is wonderful news and I like your etsy shop! Keep on keepin' on, girl!
Jan Morrison

Kjersten said...

Yay! Siblings are the best. Glad you get to make it to the conference. Wish I could be there. Congrats on the etsy shop, too! I'll go check it out now.

Faith Pray said...

Jan, thank you! I'm having fun with the abecedaria on your blog!

Kjersten, I do wish you were coming this weekend. You will be missed!

anne said...

congratulations on the Etsy shop...I have one too [vintage stuff : ]

I added you to my's a great creative community, welcome!


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