Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sacred Dirt: Finding Joy in the Everyday Grit

I am on a search to find sunlight in the daily drudgery.

I love to write and paint and scribble and sing, leaving tangible expressions behind me.
But at this season in life I only have tiny windows of time for such things because my world is full up with dishes and diapers and laundry.

My dad calls these "The Golden Years" : fleeting years, full of golden moments.
So I am on a hunt to treasure a different kind of gold.

It's nothing impressive or glamorous; just messes and sticky fingers.
Every day I get to hang out with the most precious people I know, and they are growing at an incredible rate.

I am rich.


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Hey Faithy,

Nice blog. Lovely thoughts. You write like the words are old friends. Or seriously obedient border collies. Over here. Sit. Do this. Do that. Now be poetical. Good. Roll over! Stay...stay...

Faith Pray said...

Such words from the master himself! Thank you dad!

a dash from donna lyn said...

yay!!! welcome to the blogosphere!! much love and admiration, aunt :DL

Faith Pray said...

Thank you Donna! Now we can have fun following eachother!


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